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Policy Reviews

There is so much value in having your life insurance policy reviewed at least every 2 years with an insurance professional.  Life brings many challenges and changes.  Therefore, you want to make sure your policy is performing well and is up to date with your current needs.  Over time, there may be a need to address gaps in your coverage,  and make administrative changes to insure your desired goals of your policy are met.  How about a review with your primary beneficiary to ensure understanding of how your policy works, and the benefits it may provide you while living and after your departure.  A death can often be a surprise, but your life insurance benefits and coverage should not be. 

 Define Your Net Worth

Net worth is probably the single most important measure of personal wealth, which is why knowing your net worth is so important. ​This is particularly true if your plan is to increase your wealth in order to achieve financial independence and reach retirement. It is the most accurate measure of your wealth and how to track it.  Knowing your net worth can be valuable for devising a life insurance strategy for managing the risk of financial loss.  Contact us today to discuss an insurance plan to protect your family and your small business from the loss of your hard-earned assets due to an untimely departure.

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1035 Exchanges

A 1035 Exchange provides a tax-advantaged way to repurpose an existing annuity or life insurance policy if that policy no longer meets your needs.  A 1035 Exchange is also referred to as a Section 1035 Exchange, which involves the replacement of an annuity or life insurance policy for a new like-kind without incurring any tax consequence for the exchange. The IRS allows holders of these types of contracts to make this type of exchange and maintain the tax deferral of any cash in the policy. Consult with your tax advisor.  The insured and policy owner must be the same.  Some exchanges may not qualify.